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Deborah Sandidge is a professional photographer, and Nikon Ambassador, specializing in world travel and artistic imagery. Her passion and skill with creative techniques such as long exposure, time-lapse, and blue hour photography has earned the respect and admiration of both corporate clients and peers.

As an author and instructor, Deborah, expands the horizons of those who enjoy her photographic artistry. She generously shares her creative perspective and inspirational ideas through workshops and seminars. Deborah is well respected for her ability to blend the creative and the technical aspects of photography, giving the viewer a unique and fresh dimension illustrated in each subject she photographs. She is a charismatic and frequently requested guest speaker. Through her photography, she encourages others to connect with the people, places, and things that surround us.

Deborah is the author of Digital Infrared Photography, published by Wiley. She has collaborated with the Nikon Learn and Explore site demonstrating star and star trail photography, along with long exposure photography. Nikon is currently using Deborah’s images for advertising, brochures, and product guides, and she is a contributing author for Shutterbug Magazine with her Creativity/On the Road series.


Travel Photography: My passion is being able to respond to various shooting environments to create unique and compelling images. I strive to capture a depth of feeling about a location through street photography, people photography, landscapes, cityscapes, and at the same time, inspire students and fellow photographers to do the same.Long Exposure and Night Photography: After the sun goes down, many photographers pack up their gear and leave. However, I feel landscapes, cityscapes, and nightscapes often look the most dramatic and beautiful during twilight and night. I like being able to control and balance light through using ND filters during the brightness of day. This creates an opportunity for unique imagery that conveys the passage of time and a soft blur with clouds and water. I enjoy sharing with photographers the tips and techniques for setting camera's for optimal depth of field, shutter speed, and white balance in order to capture the beauty of nightscapes. Creative Capture and Image Post Processing: My goal is create unique story-telling imagery through techniques in-camera, and through post processing, and assist students to recognize not only the technical aspects of making a great picture, but the importance of the artistic component, the soul of a picture as well.

Seminars: Artistic Imagery, Long Exposure Creativity, and Creating Visual Narrative Through Time/Motion Techniques, and Global Adventurer Travel Photography.

Policia in Quito, Ecuador (the officer affectionately known as Robocop)

These Peruvian girls loved seeing their pictures from my Nikon camera


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